This was Level Palace's second contest, and has ended on November 19th, 2017.



1. For SMF2, minimum level length is x4000, max level length is x8000. Regarding using the Y-axis, as long as the X and Y sizes total to x4000, you're fine. For SMF1, minimum level length is the size of one zone, max level length is the size of both zones. 2. Both SMF1 and SMF2 are allowed, as well as any hack that is available on the LP website. If the hack is not uploaded to LP, then it is not permitted and you will be disqualified. 3. Your level must be possible. If your level is impossible, you will be disqualified. 4. Your level must be complete (at least 4000x of filled space). 5. Your level must not be too difficult. Remember, the judges are required to beat your level, and if the judges find your level too difficult, you will almost certainly receive a lower score. 6. Tag levels are not allowed. The level must be made by you and you alone. 7. Hold levels are not allowed. If you submit a hold level, you will be disqualified. 8. Joke/spam levels are not allowed. If you submit a blatant joke/spam level, you will be disqualified. 9. Disgusting backgrounds/custom music are not allowed.


1st Place: Level 5 Contest Badge (185XP) 2nd Place: Level 4 Contest Badge (85XP) 3rd Place: Level 3 Contest Badge (35XP) 4th Place: Level 2 Contest Badge (15XP) 5th Place: Level 1 Contest Badge (5XP)


Popthatcorn14, MarioMaster7771 and Orangetack.

Zeldamaster12 was also a judge during most of the contest, but decided to drop out later on.

Final Results

  1. Popthatcorn14 (95%)
  2. TheBlackKoopa232 (91.7%)
  3. LazorCozmic5 (91.3%)
  4. creator (91%)
  5. Luigibonus (84.7%)
  6. Mario Blight (84%)
  7. 1-Up Shroom (83.3%)
  8. Ubfunkeys7 (83%)
  9. ElectricPenguin (81.7%)
  10. Parbounli (78.3%)
  11. Leer201 (78.3%)
  12. Laser (72.3%)
  13. Mario00000000 (70.7%)
  14. Blue Meowstic: (70.3%)
  15. Q22: (68.3%)
  16. PrzemekXD (67%)
  17. Softendo: (53.3%)
  18. tranvucam: (50.3%)
  19. Nathan nathan (49.7%)
  20. Ernesdo (48.7%)
  21. NESFilipGamer (43.3%)
  22. cyanide4376 (36.7%)
  23. busteralph (23.3%)
  24. Waluigi68 (20.3%)
  25. Nitrogamer (18.7%)
  26. ForeverAlone (7.7%)
  27. Plume 4.0 (1% --- disqualified)
  28. HowToStartIntensiveRating (1% --- troll account)
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