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Alternative League (during the creation of clan Antirobot League, also called as A®L) was an unofficial user group lead by Parbounli on Level Palace. League was organised to compete with Filip Underwood's Power Rangers Level Palace Force Team. When Filip Underwood removed PRLPFT, Alternative League lost it's purpose, so it became just a normal peaceful group of LP users.

Names origin

In 25th December of 2017, at the same time Parbounli established a new clan, it was formed under Antirobot League name. Just because Filip Underwood had made it's own robot avatar, Parbounli used this name by adding extra word Anti. The second word has been picked up by Orangetack's clan called The League. Original name Antirobot League had been used for 5 days only, before Filip Underwood changed it's avatar to real Power Ranger's. Parbounli had determined that the new clan's name is invalid, so he changed it to Alternative League because a clan with the League name already exists.


Data Event
25th December Parbounli established Antirobot League
26th December Parbounli released 11 new avatars
27th December Parbounli updated rules a lot and introduced new prices and costs
29th December Parbounli changed clan's original name Antirobot League to Alternative League
1st January 11 new avatars were newly-released
11th January New penalties added
17th January A voting had started. The main question was the new name of ARL currency.
21st January Alternative coins were officially renamed to Altercoins
27th January 1st Major Update
4th March Allowed keeping avatar in profile for earning Altercoins on Sundays
11th March Added max 50 limit of Altercoins per member
25th March Parbounli disbanded Alternative League

In January 17th of 2018, Parbounli hosted a new voting because he needed a shorter name of A®L currency instead of Alternative Points. He gave three new ideas and a rejection. These ideas were Altercoins, ARL dollars, Ecoins and the rejection of keeping the old name. To attract more people into clan, Parbounli added some prices:

  1. Automatic invite to join Alternative League;
  2. Two points of a new currency plus three if participant choose the name which has the most votes than any other.

On Sunday, the voting ended and the new name of Alternative League currency was set as Altercoins (66% votes). The second place was Ecoins (33% votes). However, no one voted for A®L dollars or keeping the same name of Alternative points.


Current members

A®L united 4 Level Palace members from 4 different countries.

Member Current status Joining data Alternative Man's color
Parbounli Leader 25th December of 2017 Gold
Meyland12 Normal Member 27th December of 2017 Blue
Filip Underwood 30th December of 2017 Green

Former members

Plume 4.0


There were no heirs in A®L.


Staff before 1st Major Update
Staff name Requirements Cadence Special abilities How many times could the same member be elected?
Leader Impossible; heir can substitute Leader if he's inactive for a long time - Does the same heir (always) and secretary (if not elected) can, changes rules, etc. -
Heir Equip special avatar; min 5 members 3 months Finds new members, organise tags and fusion all parts into one tag level Three times overall and two times in a row
Secretary Min 5 members equiping a special avatar 4 months Manages finances Two times overall
Normal Member Being active; min rank 5; min 10 levels or min 5 gold levels - - Status can be gained if he joined the ARL or his cadence is over
Staff after 1st Major Update
Staff name Requirements Special abilities Notes
Organise votings, update clan Organise tag levels and fusion all parts into one level Invite people
Leader Heir could substitute Leader if he's inactive for a long time + + + The highest status in A®L
Heir Equip special avatar and have the status of Trusted Member Only if Leader is inactive + + Could be elected for 3 times overally and for 2 times in a row; a cadence was 3 months
Trusted Member Being very active and working hard - - + Status could be earned or bought
Normal Member Being active; min rank 5; min 10 levels or 5 gold levels - - - The lowest status in A®L


Antirobot League gold

Example of A®L avatars

In 26th December Parbounli released 11 new avatars in 10 colors designed by himself: aqua, blue, gold, green, yellow, sea green, pink male, pink female, purple, red and silver. He chose golden avatar by himself. All 11 avatars were ellipse-formed faces with it's own color. Vertical inscription was "ANTIROBOT" (later it was replaced with "ALTERNATIVE"), and horizontal inscription was „LEAGUE". These words were inserted in every different color avatar.

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