Awesomeness777 is an active user on Level Palace

How he found out about SMF

His older brother liked Mario games, and found Pouetpu-Games and Super Mario Flash in 2012. His older brother then told him about Pouetpu-games. One day, they made a level together in Super Mario Flash 2, without an account. Awesomeness777 played a couple levels on Pouetpu-Games, but eventually forgot about it. He didn't make an account, because he was 7 years old at the time.

How he found LP

In late August 2016, it was right before the beginning of school, and awesomeness777 was really bored. All of a sudden, he remembered about SMF and went on Pouetpu-games, because he realized he was old enough to make an account. To his dismay, it was dead. He played some levels that were advertising LP, which were made by Orangetack. A few days later, after school began, he decided to make an account on September 6, 2016

Early days on LP

Since it was the beginning of 6th grade, he didn't have much homework. He decided to make a level. He based it off of what he remembered of the level he made in 2012. He published it on September 7, 2016. This is the level. awesomeness777 rated 11 levels in 2016, before he forgot about LP for an unknown reason..

Return to LP

On October 11, 2017, he was feeling exceptionally smart, and had the genius idea to return to LP. He has been active ever since. On January 3, 2018, he made a Discord account and joined the LP Discord Server, and he is very active there. On November 15, 2019, he became a TU for some reason.

Fun facts

  • He is 14 years old
  • He is a boy
  • He got 18th in the 3rd LP Contest and 12th in the 4th LP Contest
  • His best level is (probably not anymore actually) It is also his most popular level, with 21 rates.
  • He likes making levels in Hacks, and so should you
  • He has also made some hold right levels
  • He is 9(?)th on the All-Time XP leaderboard
  • He is currently making a series called "Superer Mario Bros."
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