• Bryanjackson1

    How do you disable or turn off Boom Boom's default music in SMF3? Is it possible?

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  • BlaydeChanAnimations

    Well, time to announce this trash...

    this hack will run off of SMF2 ver. c and will be a sprite and music hack, replacing Mario with Grand Dad, and the music with various SilvaGunner SMW rips

    LOL, I'm expecting someone to delet this trash

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  • GammaRaul

    Things I Made

    September 12, 2018 by GammaRaul

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    About My Account In Level Palace: About Myself

    About The Cake Series: The Cake Series

    About Those Accounts With The Gibberish Names: The Gibberish Alts

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  • Luigibonus

    Infobox for Level Series

    January 31, 2018 by Luigibonus

    That's right, another infobox! This time it's specifically created for Level Series. If you have a level series or want to add an infobox to another one, feel free to do! Remember that you can insert an infobox easily into an article by opening the Insert dropdown and then selecting Infobox.

    The infobox comes with 4 values that can be edited, them being the series creator, amount of levels, completion status and a link to the collection if someone wants to check it out. Feel free to add to the infobox, as long as it allows for more useful information.

    The Super Mario Legends article showcases well how it can be used.

    Thank you for reading, and happy editing!

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  • Luigibonus

    I've created a new Infobox for articles about SMF hacks for use on any article that's about a game! This Infobox can include some useful information and helps keeps pages about games look better and have a simpler overview.

    Currently, you can put the developer of the edition, the edition's version (as well as the SMF version it runs on), and a link to play it if it's an official LP approved game. I've also just created a new article for a recently added game to show what you can do with the infobox, Super Mario Bros 2 Flash, so check it out if you're interested.

    If you know how to edit infoboxes are and want to add to them, obviously feel free to! However, keep in mind that it should be useful information (and not something like, how many sp…

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  • Ub

    Regarding these types of pages, only BIG levels/mega-tags will be allowed on the wiki, that or if they serve a special purpose. Right now as it stands, The Monolith will be restored from Parbounli's terrible edit, due to it being a huge level, and was served for the purpose of the anniversary of SM. The Monolith is the perfect example of a level (or mega-tag) that is allowed on this wikia as of currently.

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  • Validusername16


    July 7, 2017 by Validusername16


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