Cilan is an active user on the site's Discord server, and semi-active on the site itself. He has given up on making levels due to it getting harder and people being more demanding. Since then, he has resorted to only rating levels.


Discovering and joining the community

Cilan had discovered Pouetpu-Games around 2010-11, but joined Pouetpu-Games only on September 22nd, 2014, using the username "xEvilPhantom". He has published 15 levels and rated 75 levels before the site was abandoned.

He joined LevelPalace on October of 2016, and published only five levels, two being reuploads from his older Pouetpu-Games account.

Level-making style

Cilan only ever used Super Mario Flash 1 to create his levels, due to him saying SMF2 and 3 were 'too confusing'. His levels don't particularly have any trait that differentiates them from others, aside from Shroomless, where he accidentally messed with the game's clockwork, sometimes causing enemies to load at the wrong time.

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