Dukeonkled is an active user of Level Palace since April 2017 who had been a member of PG in the past. Known for his SMF1 series Super Mario Escapade (previously known as New Super Mario Oddysey), Dukeonkled's hobby is creating levels although he only works mainly with SMF1. His reviews on others' levels often follow the rating criteria of gameplay (50 points), design (25 points) and creativity (25 points) and are usually relatively detailed and in-depth as well.


Membership on PG

Dukeonkled initially joined PG back in 2009 under an account called Supermario137. Under that account he had made 14 levels, although they were all of mediocre quality at best. After, he took a long break and later rejoined the same site in 2014 under his then new alias, "Dukeonkled".

Membership on LP

Seeing as PG died last year, he thought the SMF community had vanished along with it, until he discovered Level Palace, where he met up with some old friends from PG, and also made new friends in the process. He decided that he would remake Super Mario Odyssey from scratch.


  • Dukeonkled is supposedly one of the older members of Level Palace age-wise, born in 1996 (age 21) while most users happen to be born in the 2000's
  • Since it occurred to him that Nintendo had released a game called Super Mario Odyssey, he wanted to rename his series New Super Mario Odyssey but had a difficult time coming up with a new name until LazorCozmic5 suggested "Super Mario Escapade" would be a good name for it.
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