HowToStartIntensiveRating is a banned Level Palace user which currently holds the world record for

Account Creation Permanent Ban Speedrun beating the former world record holder, SpamDumper beating the user by almost two days. HowToStartIntensiveRating's Speedrun clocks in at around 2 hours.


-HowToStartIntensiveRating account is created around 2:00 PM (UTC time)

-HowToStartIntensiveRating posts their first level which has since been deleted by a mod.

-HowToStartIntensiveRating is permanently banned around 4:00 PM (UTC time)


It is thought that the owner of this account is Mario Blight, a respected moderator. This may have been a plot to start Intensive Rating to get all levels rated from older pages. This was supported when the uesr's first level was deleted.

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