IggyHopxD (Formerly known as IggyKoolPaling) is an active Level Palace user from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing SMF in 2011, but joined the community officially in 2016.


IggyHopxD found SMF1 in a random site when he was 6 years old. He started making levels, but just for his own fun. He stopped playing for some months, and in 2013 he found PG, and he found SMF2, but had no account. He tried to join in 2015 with an account called "Frantasticool" but decided to wait more time. Finally, in January of 2016, he made an account called "IggyKoolPaling", where he made some of his levels. One day later after he made his account, he made a youtube channel, which was called "IggyKoolPaling SMF" (Now IggyHopXD gaming), but just published one video at the time. He started publishing more and more videos in 2020, starting from March.

In April 2016, after a problem in Pouetpu-games, he and a lot of other users moved to Level Palace, a brand new site, where he decided to change his name to "IggyHopxD".

The 22nd of December of 2017, he joined LP's Discord Server, where he's really active.

He currently has 100+ friends, and he has got quite a bunch of levels made in SMF1, 2, 3, SMC and their hacks (Exactly 75 levels are published on his profile as of May 23rd, 2020), but has made a lot more than that around his SMF years.


  • IggyHopxD's real name is Francisco.
  • IggyHopxD was born on October 19th, 2004.
  • IggyHopxD's username is a mix of different things all in one. Iggy comes from Iggy Koopa, one of the Koopalings from a lot of the SMB games, Hop comes from the name that koopaling recieves in The SMB3 cartoon while also making a pun on the singer Iggy Pop, and the XD was just a random thing he thought of.
  • In PG, his Username was IggyKoolPaling. A lot of people though the "L" was a typo, but it was added on purpose to make it sound like the word Cool.
  • IggyHopxD used to be member of the League; he was removed due to being inactive.
  • He's the leader of the project "Super User Bros.", a project in which one user makes an entire world and it's ordered like if it was an entire series/game. As of 2020, this project doesn't seem to have any new progress since 2018.
  • He's really active on the LP Discord server.
  • IggyHopxD's other hobbies aside from level creation include: Making videos for Youtube, speedrunning games, doing challenges on games, reading, and writing, aside from many other hobbies.
  • IggyHopxD is a vegetarian, thus he doesn't eat meat.

Level Series

Here's a list of Level series he made/is making/is planning to make:

-Super Iggy Bros. (SMF1, In progress)

-OLD Super Iggy Bros. (SMF2, cancelled but eleven levels are still available)

-Remastered SMF (SMF3, on hold)

-Mario's Computer World (SMF2 Windows Edition, Cancelled but one level of it is still available)

-Iggy's challenge (Various SMF games and hacks, cancelled but one level of it is still available)

-Ultimate Super Mario Bros Revived Deluxe/USMBRD (SMC, Planning to make)

-Ultimate Super Mario Bros Revived Deluxe 2/USMBRD2 (SMC, Planning to make)

-A Kaizo Series (SMC, Planning to make)

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