IggyHopxD (Formerly known as IggyKoolPaling) is an active Level Palace user from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing SMF in 2011, but joined the community officially in 2016.


IggyHopxD found SMF1 in a random game site in 2011, when he was 7 years old. He started making levels, but just for his own fun. He stopped playing for some months, and in 2013 he found Pouetpu-Games when searching for the game on Google, and he found SMF2. However, at the time he didn't have an account, and didn't plan on making one until 2015, when he had the plan to join with an account called "Frantasticool", but after re-thinking it, he decided it would be better to wait more time.

After a lot of time of thinking and deciding about the topic, along with the making of a lot of scrapped attempts of levels, in the 4th of January of 2016, he finally made an account on PG called "IggyKoolPaling", where he posted some of his levels. Those levels weren't anything special, but they got pretty good rates anyways.

One day after he made his PG account, he made a Youtube channel, which was called "IggyKoolPaling SMF" (Now just called IggyHopXD), but only published one video at the time, which was about his first level published on Pouetpu-Games, "Hold Right Land". That was the only video on his channel until March 2020, when he decided to finally give back some life to his channel. Nowadays, he sometimes posts some gaming content on his channel, but he's planning on making more content variation soon as well.

In April 2016, after a problem in Pouetpu-games, he and a lot of other users moved to Level Palace, a brand new site, where he decided to change his name to "IggyHopxD", which is the name he uses on most of his online accounts nowadays.

The 22nd of December of 2017, he joined LP's Discord Server, where he's really active a lot of the time.

IggyHopxD currently has 100+ friends on LP, and he has got quite a bunch of levels made in SMF1, 2, 3, SMC and their hacks, but he has made a lot more levels than the ones he has published on LP around his SMF/SMC years, including some that weren't published in his profile (As it's the case with some tags he had made with other people), some that were from before he realized he could even save levels, some that were on PG but never transferred to LP, levels that are to this day still saved but scrapped/unfinished (Which he has showcased already in two videos in his Youtube channel), and even some levels that were published to LP but were later deleted because of later decisions (For example, levels that didn't get very good rates, levels that were published as a joke, or levels that he wasn't too proud of so he decided there was no point in still having them there).

Levels, series and projects

IggyHopxD has published 75 levels on Level Palace as of August 9th, 2020, that vary from very simplistic and straight-forward classic-themed levels to very complicated and puzzle-solving based kaizo levels. There are quite a bunch of levels he has made that he's really proud of to this day, which he has listed and linked on a part of his LP profile, which he likes to call "Iggy's Hall of Fame".

He was part of a lot of big tag projects, with the biggest ones he has participated in so far being: The Monolith (A 28-user megatag made in 2017 to celebrate 10 years of SMF), Way to the Independence (A megatag first planned by Parbounli in 2017, which was later cancelled and never finished because of Parbounli leaving the site in 2018, but IggyHopxD later rebranded his own part into an individual level and published it on his profile), The Lost Forest (A 5-user supertag he started in May 2017 and was finished in January 2018), and The Lost Island (A 9-user supertag started by him as a sequel to TLF, started in June 2018 and finished in December of the same year). He is also currently working with some other users on another big tag level he organized, but he prefers to still keep it as a secret until there's more progress made on it.

Also, in 2016, he started a project in 2016 called "Super Tagging Bros.", but later renamed to "Super User Bros." because the original title was misleading. Basically, the idea for it was a series where every world was made by a different user. The first 3 worlds were finished by their respective users during 2016 and 2017, but in 2018, the project went on hiatus because of world 4's creator, LazorCozmic5, not finishing his world. Because of this, the project was on pause for 2 years, and in 2020, because of SMF's retirement and the big delay, the project became pointless to continue, and thus IggyHopxD cancelled it.

IggyHopxD has started quite a lot of level series on LP, but to this day none of them was ever finished. Here's a list of them:

  • OLD Super Iggy Bros, formerly Super Iggy Bros (SMF2, Started in January 2016 - Cancelled in September 2019 due to no progress on the series being made for almost 2 years)
  • Mario's Computer World (SMF2 Windows Edition, Started in March 2017 - Cancelled in July 2017 because of him losing inspiration on the series)
  • Super Mario Flash: Remastered! (SMF3, Started in December 2016 - Cancelled in May 2020 because of SMF being retired from LP, lack of inspiration on the series and almost 3 years without any progress)
  • Super Iggy Bros (SMF1 and SMF3, Started in September 2019 - Still in progress, but will be finished outside of LP because of SMF's retirement from the site)


  • IggyHopxD's real name is Francisco.
  • IggyHopxD was born on October 19th, 2004.
  • IggyHopxD's username is a mix of different things all in one. Iggy comes from Iggy Koopa, one of the Koopalings from a lot of the SMB games, Hop comes from the name that the previously mentioned Koopaling recieves in The Mario TV cartoon "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" while also making a pun on the American music artist Iggy Pop, and the xD (Or XD in his other social media) was just a random thing he thought of. Nowadays, he kind of regrets adding the xD/XD because it seems childish and unprofessional, but he still keeps it in his name because he feels like removing it would make the name lose its unique spark.
  • In PG, his Username was IggyKoolPaling. A lot of people though the "L" was a typo, but it was added on purpose to make it sound like the word Cool.
  • IggyHopxD originally was planning to join the community under the username "Frantasticool", which is a mix between Francisco, fantastic, and cool all at the same time.
  • IggyHopxD used to be member of the League back in 2016 when it was created by Carlos V; but he was later removed when Orangetack gained the ownership in 2017 because his average rating and his level making style at the time didn't fit for the League's standards. With his enormous improvements seen through time to this day, he could very well fit in nowadays, but he doesn't want to, not to mention the League isn't that much of an active group anymore.
  • He's really active on the LP Discord server almost daily.
  • IggyHopxD's other hobbies aside from level creation include: Making videos for Youtube, speedrunning games, doing challenges on games, reading, and writing, as well as many other hobbies.
  • IggyHopxD is a vegetarian, thus he doesn't eat meat. He's also an animal activist, contrary to most LP users.
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