Kusane Hexaku is a semi-active Level Palace user. He was a member of  PG under the username yuki nagato. Kusane Hexaku is known for his distinct style of creating levels. He specialized in creating Kaizo:Light levels and puzzles levels.

Rating System

Kusane Hexaku does not have a rating scales. Rather, he rates levels based on a set template of conditions.

Kusane's Rating System as of Febuary 1, 2018.
Sections Names Description
Brief Comment To give a bit of an opinion before going into the review
Starting Impression A comment and a score made up completely from his impression of the level, without subjecting in other conditions. This is the base score before adding and deduction points later on.
Difficulty Rate the level's difficulty. Could potentially plays a role within the rating.
Scenery Overview A comments about the scenery of the level. A rather important section of the review.
Where did the points go? This is the section where points deductions comes into play. The points are deducted based on how major each flaws are. For example, a misplaced enemy might results in a -1, while an unintended softlock might results in a -15.
Final Score The final score that will actually be put up with the review.
Rated [_] for [_]

A small, sometime slightly humourous, comment to the creator. The rating will be a single English letter, and the message will starts with that letter.

Example : Rated [F] for [Fix your slope glitch]

Compliment-ary and Discredit-ary Comments A more compact comments section pointing out the positive feature and the negative feature about the level.
Extra Comments A constructive suggestion for the creator to consider.

Levels and Series

Pit of Yuki

The series started on PG with the level Pit of Yuki : Kaizo Wannabe. The entries are mostly of a kaizo nature. The level in the series is devided into two groups : Pit of Yuki GEN1, and Pit of Yuki GEN2.

Pit of Yuki GEN1

Features the older installments of the series, mostly created in the original version of SMF2. The level are mostly badly created, due to him being new to the community. Kusane was really active in the early time of the series, but starts to slow down later.

Pit of Yuki GEN1 levels
Level names Description Date orignally posted
Kaizo Wannabe A hard level disguised with overwhelming enemies and bad tilesets. May 31, 2016
Abusive House A short ghost house levels focusing on abusing Yoshi's invincibility frames April 2, 2016
Secret Cavern A generic cave level with a gimmick of objects being hidden behind the cave tiles on Layer 2 April 5, 2016
Skyzo Denki A level focusing on utilizing enemies and objects to stays above ground April 16, 2016
Skyzo Pretender A level with similar concept to Skyzo Denki, but with more difficult obstacles. This is also the last level Kusane ever posted on PG. April 18, 2016
Nope The closest level to an actual kaizo level in this group. Features various different dificult obstacles. April 23, 2016
The Dark Woods A labyrinth-styled puzzle level with ridiculous solution. The level has a few influences from the drak labyrith level from the original Kaizo Mario World 3. The title is a references to a city called "Labyrinth" on the IRPG Minecraft server, which consisted of a lot of Spruces trees, and builds made out of Spruce logs. May 25, 2016
Up, Up, and Slay! A spin-off of a level from the Passive Yuki series. It is said by Kusane himself to be one of the worst entries in the series so far. June 20, 2016
Abusive House EX A remastered version of a previous level in the series, Abusive House. The title is a reference to the character named Mettaton from the indie RPG game Undertale. He also said, jokingly, to expect "Abusive House NEO" to come out someday, another nod to the same character. June 29, 2016.
Roomba Galoomba A level focused on obstacles involving Galoombas. It was actually never posted anywhere, and Kusane have also lost the level codes somewhere over the years. He have also said that he was not going to post it anyway, due to him being unhappy about the level itself. -

Pit of Yuki GEN2

After the last few levels of the GEN1 recieving mostly negatives responses, he decided to goes into a short hiatus. He came back later on July 2016 to post more levels. These level have been significantly better and more well-designed than the levels from GEN1, save for a few exceptions. GEN2 have been continuing ever since.

Passive Yuki

Passive Yuki is a spinoff series dedicated to easier, but still difficult levels. There are only one level in this series so far ; Up, Up, and Sway!, which being created alongside on the original GEN1 levels, recieved a lot of negative reviews due to its limited tilesets at the time.


A series featuring levels with strange and somewhat "innovative" concepts, as he says. There are only two levels in this series so far ; Auto-mole-bill, and Parkour Mario.

Auto-mole-bill's level codes was lost, never to be found again, due to its original upload on PG being deleted.

Companion Sprite

Companion Sprite is a puzzle levels series where each levels starts off by you obtaining a certain object, a Koopa Shell for example, and proceed to both utilize it to solve puzzles and get past obstacles, and also keeping it with you through the entirety of the level.

There have been only one installment so far ; Green Shell Forest , which recieved quite a lot of positive feedbacks.

One off levels

Kusane also have some one-off levels which are quite decent. Namely, Professor Zaiko's LabThe Dark Labyrinth Returns, and a troll level, Obstacles, Obstruct, and Out of Sight.

Current Level Making Situation

Kusane used to be very active back in the day, but that also cause his levels to be bad.

Now, Kusane spends generally around 3 weeks to 4 months on a level. His recents levels have been proven to be of a decent quality, and extremely difficult.

He have said that, if he really put his mind to it, he can pump out a level in 5 days. Instead, he spends a lot of time on his levels, making sure everything works as he wanted, and that the level looks good enough, and even more time playtesting the level.


  • Kusane is from Thailand
  • Kusane has ADD
  • Kusane gets depressed way too easily
  • Kusane loves puzzles
  • Pit of Yuki : Green Cavern received a lot of controversies of it being impossible to complete. The reason being of the first section of the level containing a Midair Spring Jump, which back then, a lot of people don't know about it and cannot perform it.
  • Kusane loves cat
  • Kusane loves cuddles
  • Kusane tried his best to make this page look good and actually informative, like a real Wiki page would.
  • Kusane said "You can add more info if you want"
  • Kusane also said "You can change things up to make me look horrible if you desire"
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