LazorCozmic5 (more commonly known as "LC") is an active Level Palace user and main owner of the Level Palace YouTube channel. Regarded as one of the best level designers, he won the 2019 LP Contest and currently holds the record for most contest points earned. He also the founded the Tack Family member clan and the Discord server Freak Faccion.


Membership on LP

LC acquainted with the community in 2017 upon his devotion to Super Mario Flash, creating levels at a reasonably quick rate. After revocation of the Trusted User status due to exploiting the XP system, he was invited to the League to participate in tag levels and later took ownership of the Level Palace YouTube channel where he hosted weekly livestreams.

Level Making Style

LC's level style varies from compact non-linear levels to autoscroll. They tend to have striking visual themes, helped by his choice of background and tileset. His SMF levels tend to be on the difficult side, but his SMC levels have been more accessible so far.

Favorite Music Genres

LC enjoys a variety of music genres, from metalcore to rock to nu-metal/rap and even EDM. He is also known for composing his own soundtrack for his levels.


  • He is the only user to have successfully reached Rank 11 on the XP Leaderboard as of the 27th of April, 2018.
  • Despite identifying as a "jock", LC is not currently attending high-school.
  • He once carried out the topic of SMF and Level Palace as one of his high school presentation assignments.
  • He was a member of the League level clan
  • He is the Level Palace YouTube channel owner
  • Honeyful Adventure is his most voted level (31 votes).
  • He is not known to make many level series.
  • He was was a judge for the 3rd Annual LP Contest
  • He was 1 of the 25 users to participate in The Monolith (mega-tag) and the only individual to have created more than one section.
  • He is the first user ever in the history of Level Palace, to reach ranks 11, 12 and 13.
  • He is currently 21 years old.
  • He is known for posting ethots on the LP discord.
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