LazorCozmic5 (also known as "LC" or "Lazor" for short) is an active Level Palace user since early 2017 and a former Trusted User as of late June 2017. He is regarded as one of the best level-makers among the community and is well-known for making hard and long standalone SMF2 and SMF3 levels, usually default at either Medium or Extreme difficulty, his SMF1 series Everstrange Park Trilogy, as well as his ongoing series Sweet Taste Heaven made exclusively in SMF1 Candy Edition. Besides creating and editing custom backgrounds during some of his free time, Lazor finds enjoyment in making levels and is always eager to willingly participate in tag levels regardless of who's hosting the level. Since the 21st of August 2017, He also began his debut of recording level play-through videos with audio. He is the current owner of the Level Palace YouTube channel.


Membership on PG

Prior to joining Level Palace, LC would spend time creating levels during 2010-2011 on PG, mainly using the old SMF1 (Ver. 3.0) although He wasn't registered when He tried signing up for an account on PG in the beginning of 2017, but sign-ups for creating new accounts had been disabled.

Membership on LP

LC was later introduced to Level Palace in 2017 by his friend Tristaph. Despite not being a member of the SMF community back in PG, He showed interest and had a passion for Mario, creating and reviewing levels. his reviews are usually relatively long, detailed and in-depth. Unfortunately, He was involved with some so-called shenanigans that had to do with thing known as 'XP', which sort of backfired on him. Shortly after being revoked of the Trusted User status, He was invited to join the League. Some time later, He was also given ownership to the Level Palace YouTube channel.


LC is a rather sensitive guy as shown when he gets easily offended by others' jokes or remarks. Despite that, he is still a nice guy to spend time with, and his expertise in Mario level design/gameplay proves him a great asset to the community.


  • He is the only user to have successfully reached Rank 11 on the XP Leaderboard as of the 27th of April, 2018.
  • Despite having a reputation of posting effortless filler levels, he's shown to be perfectly capable of producing fantastic levels.
  • His levels are usually tightly designed, striving on challenging platforming of sorts and allowing for really distinctive and athletic gameplay.
  • He once carried out the topic of SMF and Level Palace as one of his high school presentation assignments.
  • He is a member of the League level clan.
  • Honeyful Adventure is his most voted level (30 votes).
  • He was the only individual to have created more than one section of The Monolith (tag)
  • Participated as a judge for the 3rd Annual LP Contest
  • The owner of the Level Palace YouTube channel.
  • The first user ever in the history of Level Palace, to reach both rank 11 and 12.
  • He is Luigibonus' favorite level maker.
  • Luigibonus is his favorite level maker.