LazorCozmic5 (alias LC, LC5, Lazor, LazorCozmic5) is a Canadian Level Palace user, main owner of the Level Palace YouTube channel and founder of the Tack Family clan and the Freak Faccion Discord server. Regarded as one of the best level designers, he won the 2019 LP Contest.


Membership on LP

LC joined in mid-February 2017. His dedication to Super Mario Flash allowed him to produce levels at a quick rate. After revocation of the Trusted User status due to exploiting the system, he was invited to the League to participate in tag levels and later took ownership of the Level Palace YouTube channel .

Level Making Style

While LC is no stranger to autoscroll levels, his level making style varies. They tend to have striking visual themes, helped by his choice of background and tileset. His SMF levels generally lean toward the difficult side, but his SMC levels have been more accessible so far.

Favorite Music Genres

From metalcore to rock to nu-metal/rap and even EDM, LC enjoys a variety of music genres. He's also known for composing his own custom music in his levels.


  • Despite self-identifying as a "jock", LC is not currently attending high-school.
  • Though he goes by the alias "Sloppie Elle" on YouTube, his username on LP remains unchanged.
  • In 2017 he picked SMF and Level Palace as his main topic for a high school presentation assignment.
  • He was a member of the League level clan.
  • He is the reason the LP YouTube Channel is alive.
  • Graceful Grasslands was his SMC debut and his currently most played SMC level.
  • His most voted level is an SMF1 level called "Honeyful Adventure" (31 votes).
  • He is not known to make many level series, but standalone levels that centralize their own theme.
  • He was a judge for the 3rd Annual LP Contest.
  • He was 1 of the 26 users to participate in The Monolith (mega-tag) and the only individual to have created more than one section, allowing for the level to have a total of 28 sections.
  • He is the highest ranked user in terms of XP points as well as the first to reach ranks 10-13.
  • Being currently 21 years old, he is notorious for posting ethots on the LP discord.
  • His YouTube channel generally consists of 13 Reasons Why clips.
  • He is the most subscribed YouTuber on Level Palace (23.7K subs).
  • He makes music for a hobby.
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