LazorCozmic5 (alias LC, LC5, Lazor, Sloppie Elle) is a Canadian Level Palace user and Moderator. Regarded as one of the best level designers, he won the 2019 LP Contest.


Membership on LP

LC joined in mid-February 2017. His dedication to Super Mario Flash allowed him to produce levels at a quick rate. After revocation of the Trusted User status due to exploiting the system, he was invited to the League to participate in tag levels.

Level Making Style

LC's levels come in various shapes and sizes. They tend to have striking visual themes, helped by his choice of background and tileset. His SMC levels are more casual in difficulty compared to his SMF3 levels which utilize autoscrolls.

Favorite Music Genres

From metalcore to rock to nu-metal/rap and even EDM, LC enjoys a wide range of music genres. He's also known for composing his own custom music in his levels.


  • He is not currently attending high-school.
  • His passion for football has shifted towards combat sports like boxing and MMA over past few the months.
  • Despite going by the alias "Prince Koldblud TV" on YouTube, his username on LP remains unchanged.
  • He is online 24/7.
  • In 2017, he chose SMF and Level Palace as a topic to research for a high school presentation assignment, which went pretty well.
  • Graceful Grasslands was his SMC debut and his currently most played SMC level.
  • His level Jaunted Jillz is a remix of his 2018 level Pride Plateau 2.
  • His level "One-Way Night Skyline" was the winning entry in the fourth LP contest.
  • His level "Caped Convulsion" is (one of) his favorited level(s), having received critical acclaim and a feature on the Level Palace Wordpress.
  • His most voted level is an SMF1 level called "Honeyful Adventure" which garnered over 30 votes.
  • He is not known to make many level series, but standalone levels that centralize their own theme.
  • He was a judge for the 3rd Annual LP Contest.
  • He was 1 of the 27 users to participate in The Monolith (mega-tag) and the only individual to have created more than one section, allowing for the level to have a total of 28 sections.
  • He is the highest ranked user in terms of XP points as well as the first to reach ranks 10-13.
  • Being currently 22 years old, he takes his physical well-being very seriously.
  • He was notorious for posting ethots on the LP discord.
  • His YouTube channel comprises of TV show clips (13 Reasons Why) and original content such as music and short animation videos.
  • He is the most subscribed YouTuber on Level Palace (34.7K subs).
  • He is into Netflix drama.
  • He is nonreligious despite having attended church events with family friends on various occasions.
  • He's never tasted coffee before.
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