Level Palace is a website that allows everyone around the world to create their own levels in 46 different games. Of these games, there are 2 main engines, the rest are hacks of these games, also known as editions by the community.  


Early Idea's

The reason why Level Palace was created, because of the old site that the Super Mario Flash community was around, got abandoned by it's creator for unknown reasons, as well as having outdated versions of the games hosted on there. The promise of Level Palace was to have active staff, a huge and continually growing collection of games, easy level sharing, and more features, and this site definitely delivered on its promises.


The development of Level Palace, according to Brendan, took at least over half a year. More information is currently unknown.

During the development phase, some community veterans got early access to the site, which is why a select few users joined before the official opening.

Level Palace opens its doors

On April 27th, 2016, the site was released to the public for everyone around the world. For the past year, the site has gained a sustainable amount of members, and over 20000 levels have already been released by various members.

Rating system

Users who have posted levels will have their level go to the pending class, and they can also receive reviews written by other users. These reviews look at the positive and negative aspects of a level, and the final rate is based on both these factors. Once an user's level receives 5 rates, it'll be moved to a permanent class, which class it is send to depends on the rating number (which are all review scores combined, divided by the amount of reviews)


Gold: 90% or above

Silver: 75% to 89.9%

Bronze: 60% to 74.9%

Unsatisfactory: 59.9% or below.

When a level enters a class, the uploader will be rewarded with XP. How much XP an user gains, depends on the class the level has entered.


Filters make searching for specific levels easier. If you, for example, want to play an easy level, you can do that by setting the difficulty filter on easy only. There are a variety of filters:

  • Difficulty
  • Min. Rating
  • Game
  • Class

On the homepage, you will also find the 2 newest levels, as well as 2 trending levels. If a level gets featured, that level will replace the trending level on the homepage.

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