Luigibonus is an active user and the creator of Super Mario Construct, the successor to Super Mario Flash. He has been a part of the community since 2012. He's a moderator of Level Palace and the Level Palace wiki and is also known for his hacks, custom backgrounds, different-styled levels and his series "Super Mario Legends". He's also the creator of the HTML5 game called Super Mario Construct and some others such as Kirby Visits Mario Land and a Crash Bandicoot game which isn't popular and LB probably forgot about it. He was a judge in the 3rd LP Contest and came 2nd on the 4th LP Contest with an 80.6%


Released hacks

Luigibonus currently made 6 hacks. His finished hacks include:

  1. New Super Mario Flash 2 (2014)
  2. Super Mario Flash 2: Crash Bandicoot Edition (2015)
  3. Super Mario Flash: Pyrogenic Edition (2015)
  4. Super Mario Flash 2: Jungle Edition (2016)
  5. Super Mario Flash: Haunted Edition (2016)
  6. Super Mario Flash: Candy Edition (2017)
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