Markeyruiz97 is a Trusted User in Level Palace.


Membership in Pouetpu Games

He's been a member of the Pouetpu-Games community since 2009, where he was known as Markeyruiz96 back in the day. However, when he was a member in 2009 there was website drama going on and a ton of levels got fake rated. At some point this caused Pouetpu to disable the comments, which was a stupid way to solve the situation that was going on during that time, and this caused him to leave the site for 3 years as a result. He returned to the site in 2012, however his old account ended up getting autobanned, so he created a new account called Markeyruiz97 so he can continue using the website. In March 2014, He was promoted to moderator on Pouetpu-games by 09dhowell, but he resigned in August 2015. He became a moderator on Level Palace but was later demoted due to inactivity.

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