Michael (better known as Axew) is an inactive Level Palace user. However, he is very active on the official Discord server.


Membership on PG

On 7th April 2013, he joined Pouetpu-Games and quickly got banned for 2 weeks for creating figths and swearing. But that was a damn long 2 weeks so he made another account called Axew14 and people refer to him as that sometimes and it's extremely annoying.


  • Michael is the author of 3 recognized hacks, all of which were released in 2015. A new hack is coming in 2018-2019, an improvement and version upgrade of the Sonic hack (which won't be compatible with old levels).


"Axew13 SMW" (never finished)

"Axew World" (never finished)

"Axew Land" (will finish in a few decades)

"Mario in England" (dunno if I will ever release it lol)

"Mario Commando" (was told never to make an SMF1 level again)

"Sonic's Quest" (never finished)

"Pouetpu-Games RPG" (never finished)


"Super Axew Flash" (original link) (on LP)

"Super Mario Flash Galaxy" (original link) (on LP)

"Sonic the Hedgehog" (original link) (on LP)

"Super Mario Flash 2 Hex-Corrupted" (original link)

"Super Mario Flash 3 Hex-Corrupted" (original link)

"Super Mario Flash: Softendo Edition / Softendo in Pillowland: Nightmare Quest" (original link)

"Super Sonic Flash" (upcoming SMF2 hack)