Michael (better known as Axew) is an inactive Level Palace user. However, he is very active on the official Discord server, but he left because he prefers a worse server.


Membership on PG

On 7th April 2013, he joined Pouetpu-Games and quickly got banned for 2 weeks for creating figths and swearing. But that was a damn long 2 weeks so he made another account called Axew14 and people refer to him as that sometimes and it's extremely annoying.


  • Michael is the author of 3 recognized hacks, all of which were released in 2015. A new hack is coming in 2018-2019, an improvement and version upgrade of the Sonic hack (which won't be compatible with old levels).


"Axew13 SMW" (never finished)

"Axew World" (never finished)

"Axew Land" (will finish in a few decades)

"Mario in England" (dunno if I will ever release it lol)

"Mario Commando" (was told never to make an SMF1 level again)

"Sonic's Quest" (never finished)

"Pouetpu-Games RPG" (never finished)


"Super Axew Flash" (original link) (on LP)

"Super Mario Flash Galaxy" (original link) (on LP)

"Sonic the Hedgehog" (original link) (on LP)

"Super Mario Flash 2 Hex-Corrupted" (original link)

"Super Mario Flash 3 Hex-Corrupted" (original link)

"Super Mario Flash: Softendo Edition / Softendo in Pillowland: Nightmare Quest" (original link)

"Super Sonic Flash" (upcoming SMF2 hack)

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