NESFilipGamer is a very active Level Palace user since the very early 2017. His level making has improved considerably from when he started.

On March 2019, he got a 3 day ban for rating levels without playing them.

He used to have a series called Filip's Adventure, but isn't bothering with it anymore because SMF is ending. His new series is SMC Adventure.

Filip won 4th place on the 3rd LP Contest.

Filip's friends on Level Palace

LazorCozmic5 (best friend)







Nathan nathan

Jack Mango



Golden Apple

Mario Blight



yolo (recently)







JideOlajideTBT (recently)

The Flying Dutchman

Facts about NESFilipGamer

  • He has got the most popular SMF3 level on LP with 55 votes.
  • He has won 4th place in the Level Palace contest before.
  • He is the creator of the Level Palace Tier List.
  • He is the 8th most ranked user on the Level Palace community ever.
  • Filip himself, made collab levels with level makers: LazorCozmic5 (twice), przem1994, Build, Fireborn and RacerJ4KE.
  • He's a roleplayer.
  • His best level he's ever done is World 5-Fortress because Orangetack gave it a 96 and featured it on the Wordpress.
  • His favourite food is Chicken and Bacon Pasta.
  • His favourite colour is Green.
  • He likes OT, he would be really happy if Orangetack wanted to collab with him or rates another level of his 90 or above.
  • He loves to make level series because why not.
  • Before Filip joined Level Palace, he used to be a user on Miiverse with the Nintendo Network ID "Bruges2011". He had an estimated 320 followers on there but gone off Miiverse in November 2016 due to him being scared of being banned there.
  • He was the first person ever on Level Palace to use Fire Bros in a level, the level can be found here.
  • He has a video with over 3000 views on his channel not to do with Mario.
  • He was a big meme on Level Palace in 2017.
  • His levels rarely get featured.
  • He is a fan of a TV series called Power Rangers, since 2015.
  • Unlike most of LP, he likes Underwater levels.
  • He has 4.4K upvotes on one of his reddit posts.
  • He wants to be promoted to Trusted User Brendan pls do that uwu.

Level Making Style

Filip's levels tend to use a lot of scenery and good challenges.

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