New Super Mario Flash 2 is a Super Mario Flash 2 2.1 hack and is Luigibonus' first ever published edition. It was released around summer 2014, as part of the second wave of hacks that were released around that time. The hack puts an emphasis on new themes as well as refurbishing old themes like grasslands. The design of the hack was to have tiles and themes from the New Super Mario Bros. series of games, but instead have the tiles and backgrounds be 16-bit themed. Because of this, it gives the illusion of it being a game running on the SNES's super effects chip, like Yoshi's Island. Like many other hacks of the same era, it was discontinued as of August 2016.

Update History

Launch (August 2014)

New Super Mario Flash 2 was officially released sometime in summer 2014. The exact date isn't known, but it's possible to find out later.

Update 1.0.1 (August 2014)

This was an update shortly after the game's release, and it fixed some serious issues with the in-game tilesets causing cut-offs.

Update 1.0.2 (November 2014)

Hotfix that improves general quality of the hack.

Update 1.0.3 (11th August 2016)

The final update to the game, which fixes an issue with the slope tileset and also changed the links to lead to the Level Palace website using the Hex Editing technology. Unnecessary music load times were also reduced by shortening some music. The logo was also replaced, looking more professional for today's standards, since the old version didn't age well at all. This update marked the end of support for New Super Mario Flash 2, and will not be updated to SMF2 Ver.C due to the hack's age and outdated hack creating methods.


When the hack had arrived, it was seen as an alright hack. It opened up some new themes and level possibilities, and was mainly used a lot after the first update. As time went on however, the hack started to show age, and on the 11th of August in 2016, support and updates have officially been discontinued.

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