Orangetack is a Moderator and the creator of the SMC Custom Backgrounds database. He is known for his level series - Super Orange World, Orangeland, Ocarina of Time Dungeons, as well as the now complete Super Mario Universe. He is also known for providing detailed and informative level reviews and wanting the best for makers.

This user won Best User during the 2014 PG Awards.

Level Making Style

Orangetack's level style tends to favor creative and experimental gimmicks, allowing for a more unique experience than most.


  • In 2017 February, CarlosV gave up The League's leader status to Orangetack.
  • Orangetack was the original owner of the official Level Palace Twitter Account, before transferring ownership to Mario Blight and Luigibonus in mid-2018, and reclaiming it later in 2019.
  • He founded Level Palace Wordpress and the SMC Custom Backgrounds database.
  • Orangetack has got a funny kind of weird personality. For example, he might randomly comment on your profile saying "poo" or "sex" and stuff, or will not answer your questions sometimes and might respond with stuff like "I am a Kangaroo!". He has got a serious side to him though, but for the most part when he's not reviewing levels, he acts weird, a funny kind of weird.
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