Shiny Diancie is a Level Palace user that Joined originally in August 31st, 2017.

Fun Facts

His very early levels were unsatisfactory, but his the latest levels are gold now.

List of levels

  • P Switch Bounce. (Unsatisfactory, Deleted) It got a 1/100 in less than 10 minutes after Publishing
  • 1st Legit Level (Unsatisfactory, Deleted)
  • P Switch Bounce new and Improved (Unsatisfactory, deleted)

Upcoming levels:

SMKoS! 1-3

Super Mario 3017 Part 2

Autoscroll Bros. 1


  • He started to create levels since he had been 7. Diancie did not know how to save levels back then, so they were lost forever.
  • A week before he Joined LP, he saved his levels on a google Doc.
  • Shiny Diancie chose his username to be that because Diancie is his Favorite pokemon. He got a diancie in a wonder trade.
  • Diancie has a lot of levels saved but will never be published.
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