StarTigerrr (also known as ST, used to be named Golden Apple) is an active Level Palace user that joined on 18th January 2019. He makes lots of interesting levels with fun gimmicks. Most of his newer levels have a lot of scenery. StarTigerrr improved his level-making.


StarTigerrr considers himself one of the newer Level Palace members, even though he joined more than a year ago. He discovered it on september 2018. First, he found SMF1 and played the story mode. But one day he found out that you can make levels in SMF! He made his own little series. He wasn't really good at making levels. After that, he discovered SMF2! He made a lot of a bit better levels. He was still not good at making levels. He was making levels there for about a week or so. He googled up SMF3 and he couldn't believe that there was another level editor game. He was there for about a month. One day, he saw in the corner "GET CODE" That's how he discovered Level Palace! He played other people's levels and he was impressed how good they were. He started his own series in SMF3. Then, he saw that you can post levels for free! He signed up and posted his levels. He expected my levels to be amazing, but they were really bad. He improved his level making. He also used to be Golden Apple on Level Palace until late 2019, when he changed his name to StarTigerrr.

StarTigerr's levels

Because he made some levels before joining Level Palace, he posted levels daily. Now, it takes him a few weeks to make them. His levels were rated silver, but he improved his level-making. StarTigerrr's new levels have lots of scenery, fun gimmicks and fun challenges. All of his levels have a gimmick that the level focuses on. He made more than 50 levels. Most of them are SMF3 levels, but there is one SMF2. Because SMF will be gone, StarTigerrr will continue making his levels in SMC.

StarTigerrr's series

StarTigerrr has 3 series: Newer Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (NSMBUD). Super Mario Mystical Islands (SMMI). Mario's Journey Around The World (MJATW). NSMBUD will have 58 levels. There are 8 worlds. This is his first and main series. SMMI will have 50+ levels. There will be 10+ worlds. SMMI takes place in a world with lots of islands. MJATW will have lots of worlds with 4 levels each. Every world is in a different country. AllenCaspe9510, javien322 and OneShookBoi work together to make these levels.


NSMBUD: [1] SMMI: [2] MJATW [3]


- StarTigerrr changed his name from GoldenApple to StarTigerrr. - He is multilingual. He can talk: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin, English, Filipino, German and Dutch. - His favourite colour is yellow. - He is pretty funny. - He is Bosnian. - He plays lots of games. - He really wants corner pipe tiles to be added. #addcornerpipetiles

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