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SMB2F old

Title of SMB2F old version

Super Mario Bros. 2 Flash is a Super Mario Bros. 2 themed hack made by Mitja in 2015, along with many other hacks such as Snow Edition.


Main information

SMB2F new

Title of SMB2F newest version

There are two available versions of this hack. The old one was added by Brendan during the creation of Level Palace. The newest version was released by Mitja in 2017 and it's available in his/her website only. There are many differences between both versions, however, no one of both them is so popular due to lack of players.

Differences Old version New version
Version of SMF 2.1 7.2
One chosen player Mario Peach
New backgrounds 6/6 19/28
Sounds 11 19
Variety of materials Low High


Old version

SMB2F old tileset

All tiles available on the oldest version.

New version

SMB2F new tileset-0

All tiles available on the newest version.

Update History

  • 2015: official release
  • 2017: update to Ver.E
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