This is the page about the SMF2 hack. To read about the SMF1 hack click here.

Super Mario Bros 2 Flash (SMF2 Version) is the third SMF edition developed by Bananaramen, but the first one to be officially approved by Level Palace.


Super Mario Bros 2 Flash is themed around the official game Super Mario Bros 2 (USA version), meaning level backgrounds, tiles, enemies and music will be primarily from that game (or custom made, but in the same style as the game).

Update History

20th december

: Launch of the game.


  • There is also a SMF1 edition of this game made before this one, however it was created by a different person, specifically Mitja.
  • While it is using the same amount of tiles as SMF2 2.1, it does have Ver.C features such as custom music, changers and extra Piranha Plants.
  • While the in-game enemies seem to have been Hex-edited, the Game Info menu is left unchanged for some reason.
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