Super Mario Legends is a series made by Luigibonus, created with Super Mario Flash 2.

The plot and level theme of the series are mainly based on regular Mario game design at first, but then shifts into a more unique approach after around 10 levels. Each 5 levels is a castle with a boss fight. The series tries to stay unique thanks to having interesting storyline twists and surprises in levels themselves.

List of Levels

Level 1: An Unwanted Surprise (Castle Grounds)

Level 2: The Jazzlands (Grasslands)

Level 3: Caliginous Caves (Caves)

Level 4: A Sky High Surprise (Athletic)

Level 5: Boom Boom Boogaloo (Castle #1)

Level 6: Sunset Seaside (Savanna/Beach)

Level 7: A Deep Sea Journey (Deep Ocean)

Level 8: Jungle Jamboree (Mountain-like Jungle)

Level 9: Monty Mole Mania (Deep Forest)

Level 10: Poison Palace (Castle #2)

Level 11: Chocolate Canyon (Chocolate/Candy)

Level 12: Yoshi's Secret Island (Yoshi's Island Themed)

Level 13: Hyrule Hyjinx (Legend of Zelda Themed)

Level 14: Cloudy Climb (Sky Level)

Level 15: Peach's Castle (Castle #3)

Level 16: Sherbet Road (Snowy Grasslands/Lava Caves)

Level 17: Muncher Valley (Deserted Valley)

Level 18: Thwomp Mountaintop (Snowy Mountain)

Level 19: Volcanic Caverns (Volcano/Lava Cave)

Level 20: Switched-Up Castle (Castle #4)

Level 21: Memory Lane (Flashback-based level)

Level 22: Galactic Flight (Far-away Space)

Level 23: Bowser's Bullet Factory (Factory)

Level 24: Castle Rush (Bowser's Castle Entrance)

Level 25: A Legendary Finale (Castle #5, also the Final Castle)

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