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The Current Title Screen For SMOF, it will be updated to have Cappy in it soon.

Super Mario Odyssey Flash is a hack of Super Mario Flash 3 created by Deadfish388. Super Mario Odyssey Flash, abbreviated as "SMOF" started out as an idea for a Super Mario Flash 2 Hack. However, that idea later changed to an idea of Super Mario Flash 3 because of the abundance of enemies. Fesh had some decent ideas for this hack, such as making the Koopa Troopas into Goombas with hats. He also got creative and turned Boom Boom into a unique boss sprite. Although Fesh made most of the tiles himself, all of the tiles are getting replaced by LuigiBonus.

Deadfish388 has had some trouble finding help because he did not have the recommended software beforehand. Now it seems to only have trouble waiting on sprites.

This SMF3 Hack is currently being worked on. It is around 15% done, and it is not to the current Super Mario Flash 3 version because of constant updates.
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Some of the things added in SMOF

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