After William/Pop's grand return to the site, he announced that he was making a contest!


June 27, 2018 --- William asks people on the LP Discord Server what kind of contest they want. He eventually decides on a Tag Level Contest. He starts asking people to enter.

July 9, 2018 --- The Contest Officially begins (though some team changes occur after that, due to people quitting)

August 20, 2018 --- Entries are due

September 4, 2018 --- Results will be revealed


  1. Each team is to focus on their level and their level only.
  2. Each person within the team must work together. There's no such thing as a lopsided result.
  3. There won't be an exact limit on size, but make sure your level doesn't take 20 minutes to beat. The average level takes up to 3 minutes to beat. Don't overcomplicate this.
  4. Your level can be hard, but it can't be kaizo. Just keep in mind that judges are allowed to take off for cheap and unfair challenges when judging, so be careful with your overall difficulty.
  5. You are allowed to use any SMF game or hack, but the limit here is on Level Palace, Chairo's website, and Hiro's website.
  6. Make sure your level has a beginning, middle, and an end. The simple way to put this; make sure the level is possible.
  7. Levels should remain anonymous until the judges give approval. This means you are not allowed to post your level to Level Palace, but each team is able to decide who's posting it once they get approval. This also means no previews.
  8. Have fun! Cash prizes will be handed out to the top 3 levels. 


1st Place: $15 gift card for each contender (paypal works too) ​2nd Place: $10 gift card for each contender (paypal works too) 3rd Place: $5 gift card for each contender (paypal works too)


Team 1 --- IggyHopxD and Zeldamaster12

Team 2 --- sm63ologist and Ubfunkeys7

Team 3 --- Luigibonus and Tristaph

Team 4 --- Michael and Retzorg

Team 5 --- LazorCozmic5 and Creator

Team 6 --- awesomeness777 and JetWing34

Team 7 --- Strongiron450 and yolo

Team 8 --- Deadfish388 and Rauldealmeida

Team 9 --- LightSage1331 and Multi

Team 10 --- Mario Blight and Build

Team 11 --- Darknesu and TheBlackKoopa232

Team 12 --- GameHappy and Sedox14


There also is a predictions contest, and the winner gets a $10 gift card. Unfortunately, that was all screwed up by team changes.

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