TheBlackKoopa232 (known as TBK for short) is an active user of Level Palace who initially joined PG just before the end of 2015.


PG Membership

TheBlackKoopa232 joined Pouetpu-games just as it was dying off. He played as a 'ghost user' for a few months before finally registering as TheBlackKoopa232 on PG. He stuck with that name ever since.

LP Membership

TBK joined Level Palace in its very early days, and the first few levels he made were all of gold tier. He also went on a hiatus in mid 2016. He came back as an active player in June 2017.

Level Making Style

TBK's levels are puzzle based, often displaying aspects influenced by his idol, Skopler, hence the similarity in level style.


  • TheBlackKoopa232 thought about his alias independently, and it was not in fact inspired by the Paper Mario series.
  • TBK is also South African, and can speak Afrikaans.
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