World 1

World 1 Of The Cake Series Was Made By The Parts Of Retzorg, Dogng, A777 And Raul With No Bonus Levels


The First Level Of The Cake Series Was Made By Retzorg, The Level Contains Nothing More Than A 1 Screen Thing With A Bug That Makes Mario Disappear And A Custom Background That Has A Cake, Along With No Ground And A Few Deactivated Switch Blocks


The Second Level (Made By Dogng) Is Different Though, It Doesnt Have A Bug That Makes Mario Invisible, You Can Win The Level, It Also Has The Acsii Art Style, You Also Start With A Ringo/Mushroom And A Dark Effect, It Really Changed The Destiny Of The Cake Series


The Third Level (Made By Awesomeness777) Also Did Lots Of Changes To The Cake Series, First Of All, It Didnt Use SMF2, It Used SMF1 Candy Edition, It Has Gameplay, Warps, Well Thought Out Decoration, Etc, It Has A Lot Of Enemies, Many Being Hammer Bros, Koopa Troopas And Piranha Plants, It Was A Revolutionary Thing For This Series


The Fourth Level (Made By Raul) Also Uses Candy Edition, It Focuses More On Decoration Than Gameplay, Having Pixel Arts, Like The Cake, Pickle Rick, Ice Cream And The Panettone, Making The Pixel Arts Make Tristaph Say That It Is A Great Throwback To The Other Cake Levels


It Was Made By IggyHopXD, It Was A 1 Screen Level With A Little Challenge, The Level Was Deleted, Shortly After. But Reposted By Raul, Which Was Deleted A Few Days After

The Remake

The Remake (Made By Raul) Uses Desert Edition, Lemme Explain, It Uses Desert Edition Because It Is Beetween W1 And W2, And Since You Beat Cheese Bowser In The 4th Level, His Factory Exploded And Made The Cheese Go All Over The World Leading To World 2

World 2

Made By William, LazorCozmic5 (& Creator) And Tristaph, Tristaph's Level Is The Only Bonus Level In World 2


The Fifth Level (Made By William) Is A Short Level, Which Is A Level About Jojo, Like The 1st One... Honestly, I Dont Have Alot To Say About This Level, Anyways, Next One


Made By LazorCozmic5 And Creator, It Has Gameplay, And Is Hard, Has Amazing Scenery And Etc, Honestly I Dont Have Alot To Talk About This Level


It Is A Little Puzzle Where You Have To Let A Koopa With Shell Pass To The Shell So The Koopa Kicks The Shell And Breaks A Brick, Letting You Pass Through The Puzzle, But It Didnt Fit The Cheese Theme So Its Marked As A Bonus Level

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