The Flying Dutchman, also known as The Code-Edit Master (TCEM for short) is another pouetpu-games veteran, his active year as a levelmaker and reviewer were from 2012 to 2013 (exactly 1 year), he departed the community complety afterwards for 2 years, but returned in 2015 to the community, his activity in general had been inconsistent ever since; a month of activity a year tops, his full activity on LP has been fully resumed in 2019 however.

TFD had a bad reputation with staff for a longer time in the past and has a lengthy infraction log, however, he became staff of the LP discord in April 2019 [for unknown reasons and still a mystery] and quickly followed up to become a site-moderator in July 2019. (3 months after)

TFD spends a lot of time on his levels, mainly due to his frequent iceboxing of projects and perfectionism for creation. He often tries to give out detailled reviews to help out when playing and rating levels.

His past as TCEM included some discoveries in the SMF games with the use of code edits, nowadays he plans out community events and regulates communication and being your general "hypeman". Community events he led include April Fools 2019, the 2019 community streaming plan and the 5th levelpalace contest (final SMF contest).

TFD also participated in 2 contests as a judge, with in the foremost having controversial rates.

In October 12 2017, he was banned for 5 days.

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