The Gibberish Alts were (and are still currently being) created allegedly by the same person with gibberish names for both their usernames and levels. All have listed their location as Russia. One theory as to why these accounts are continuing to be created is that the user cannot understand English, is not making an effort to translate the pages, and as a result, is completely unaware that they are getting banned repeatedly or even breaking site rules.

csdsads , zxasdsadv , and Zxafvxw are examples of alt accounts created, although over 25 have been noted as of October 9th, 2018.


ZAXCSXCCCS Is the most notable of the accounts, at Rank 4, 10 Levels, and 21 Rates. Staff has considered this to be his primary account, and while the user was banned for 7 days for fake-rating and ignoring staff, they have not subsequently returned to this account after the ban was lifted - Instead they continue to make new accounts on almost a daily basis.


Tristaph has a morning routine:

  • Make breakfast for the kids
  • Put on the coffee
  • Get dressed for work
  • Ban Russian account
  • Go to work

- Canadian vs Russians

- Poutine vs Putin

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