Way to the Independence was a planned Mega-Tag and the second Mega-Tag hosted by Parbounli (the first one was Green Nature). It was designed to celebrate 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I and some countries rebuilt in 1918. Also, it would become the longest mega-tag ever created and the longest level made in SMF3 - main level's length is 100 000X. It was planned to publish in 16th February 2018, however, slow working and Parbounli's inactivity broke all chances to publish this level.


Europe 1923

Europe after World War I

In February, 2017, Parbounli planned to host a new mega-tag for 2018 years to celebrate a new peace for next 20 years after Central forces (German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire) were crushed and new countries were established under their former territory by Triple-Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia (later USSR) and minor states) in 1918.

Theme history

He also set rules, achievements (in March) and 3 templates with 3 different themes: Road, Bunker, Tank. Another theme (Castle) came out in April-May due to very slow progress. However, in November 20th he decided to remove road theme because of no volcanos in most of Europe, however, all road-themed templates weren't deleted, their names were replaced with the „Road-Tank". It was the first way to integrate all road parts to tank theme.

One of the latest updates were done in December 17th, 2017. „Road-Tank" and „Tank" themes were combined under name of „Road". The reason was similar structure of „Road-Tank" and „Tank" themes and no volcanos in Europe excepting Italy and Iceland. Also, a new „Partisan" theme appeared as the 4th theme in the Mega-Tag 2018. It looked like a typical forest level with many chuck & bullet bases.

Theme Using time Background Notes
Road January 2017-20th November 2017 and 17th December 2017-7th August 2018 09 (night volcanos), later 32nd (castle walls outside) Combined with Tank theme as Road-Tank theme. Regenerated after Road-Tank was shortened.
Bunker January 2017-7th August 2018 13th (airship inside) Rarely used.
Tank January 2017-20th November 2017 32nd (castle walls outside) Road theme has been combined with the Tank theme as Road-Tank theme.
Castle April 2017-7th August 2018 30th (SMB3 castle inside) Added due to low activity.
Road-Tank 20th November 2017-17th December 2017 32nd (castle walls outside) Created by combined Road and Tank themes. In 17th December, „Road-Tank" became just a „Road".
Partisan 17th December 2017-7th August 2018 25th (dark forest) Added due to low variety of different themes.

Tragic end of project

Mega-Tag 2018 was planned to be published in 16th February 2018 first but the plans failed due to project moving very slow and then release date was set indefinited. WTTI was finally canceled in 7th August 2018 due to Parbounli quiting Level Palace and SMF community.


Part User Area Theme
1st Mario00000000 0X-5000X Road (formely Tank)
2nd ElectricPenguin 5020X-10000X Road
3rd Waluigi68 10020X-15000X Road (formely Tank)
4th LazorCozmic5 15020X-20000X Bunker
5th creator 20020X-25000X Bunker
6th Filip Underwood 25020X-30000X Castle
7th Meyland12? 30020X-35000X Castle?
8th awesomeness777 35020X-40000X Partisan
9th Vileplume (Plume 4.0) 40020X-45000X Road
10th Soulshade? 45020X-50000X Road
11th Popthatcorn14? 50020X-55000X Bunker
12th creator 55020X-60000X Partisan
15th Plume 4.0 70020X-75000X Castle
19th Brawler Day? 90020X-95000X Castle
20th Parbounli 95020X-100000X Castle?

Note: 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th slots were never taken.

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