XP (Also known as experience) is a point value that users can earn using various different ways as well as to level up and unlock new themes, but is also to make the site more competitive for people that want that, especially with the leaderboards where XP is the main focus.


Earning XP

There are a variety of ways to earn XP:

  • Have your level be moved to a certain class

When you upload a level, it will be sent to the pending section. Once it gets 4 reviews, it will be moved to a class, and the amount of XP you will earn from the level is based on the class it's sent to. Gold will earn you 15XP, Silver gives 12XP, Bronze sends 8XP, and an unsatisfactory level brings you you 5XP.

  • Reviewing levels

Reviewing levels is a good way to earn XP at a fast pace, as you will gain the XP directly after you post a review. Reviews earn at least 1XP per review, but if your review consists of at least 1000 characters, you'll earn an additional 2XP, meaning you can get up to 3XP per review total.


As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock some new themes along the way.

Rank New themes
1st Blue Light, Green Light
2nd Blue Dark, Green Dark
3rd ?
4th ?
5th ?
6th ?
7th ?
8th Purple Dark?

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Level Requirements

  • Rank 1: 0XP
  • Rank 2: 20XP
  • Rank 3: 50XP
  • Rank 4: 100XP
  • Rank 5: 200XP
  • Rank 6: 400XP
  • Rank 7: 650XP
  • Rank 8: 1000XP
  • Rank 9: 1500XP
  • Rank 10: 2500XP
  • Rank 11: 5000XP
  • Rank 12: 8000XP
  • Rank 13: 12000XP
  • Rank 14: ???
  • Rank 15: ???

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